Underground Music

Our passion for underground music stems from its raw, unpolished nature. It represents the true spirit of creativity and self-expression, free from the constraints of mainstream appeal.

The underground scene is where new and innovative sounds are born, pushing the boundaries of music and challenging the status quo. It is a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for the unconventional and the obscure.

By supporting underground artists, we are helping to cultivate the next generation of musicians and preserving the integrity of music. The underground scene is where we find the most authentic and genuine expression of art. It is where we truly connect with the music and the artists behind it. We believe in the power of underground music to inspire and move us, and we are dedicated to supporting and promoting it.

Everything you need to Know


We are a techno and house music group that emerged during the coronavirus pandemic. We came together through a shared passion for electronic music and a desire to create something new. Our music is characterized by its energy, blending elements of techno and house, with a focus on driving beats and melodic synths. ~ Even in difficult times, creativity and passion can thrive.


We believe that it is important to feel comfortable and true to yourself when going out. We want to be able to express ourselves and have fun without feeling self-conscious. That is why we never share recognizable photos from our nights out! We want to protect the privacy and individuality of ourselves and others, and ensure that everyone can enjoy their experience without worrying about being judged or identified.